Volunteers cut biking trail in Huntsville

Huntsville coach Eric Blocker takes a break with some of the local workers.

Students and adults alike joined forces this past weekend to cut a bicycle trail near Mitchusson Park.

Huntsville’s mountain bike racing team competed this year for the first time.

Head coach Eric Blocker wrote about this past weekend on Facebook Sunday.

“Around 80 hours of volunteer work collectively by parents, team members and some new future trail stewards. ... Making things happen!”

Blocker’s brother Dan, who builds trails for Rogue Trails and coaches at Arkansas Arts Academy, also wrote about the weekend with the Madison County team.

“Was proud to have been able to help out with throwing down a little bit of single track for MADCO! The MADCO kids showed this year that they have caught the MTB [mountain bike] bug, their parents showed that they were engaged and their community has shown that they are willing to work to get it,” Dan Blocker wrote.

“I put in 17+ machine hours over the weekend and can’t even imagine how many hours the 20+ volunteers put in,” Dan Blocker wrote.

“We got some beautiful trail put in with just a little bit left to finish up. This section will get them in the woods on single track rather than in a field riding through the disc golf course.”

Eric Blocker said 20 people worked Saturday with 15 people on Sunday.

“Right at 1,200 feet of trail completed with about 500 to go. It literally borders the disc golf course on the inside of the woods,” he said.

“It couldn’t have been done without the park commission, street/parks department  volunteers and especially  Charles and Lois Jean Coger for allowing us to put it on their land.”

On Facebook, Eric Blocker wrote, “MADCO team members, parents, coaches and other volunteers were able to cut in a bit over 1,200 feet of new, multi-use trail.

“This trail will be a huge asset for our team and community.” Blocker thanked Rogue Trails and the O.O.R.C. [Ozark Off Road Cyclists] for loaning some tools.

“Our little team and community are most thankful to Charles and Lois Jean for allowing us to put this trail on their property,” Eric Blocker said.

“Without their gracious offer to allow us to do so, we would still be riding in a field. Now, the kids can practice on actual terrain that they will encounter in races ... not to mention,  it’s a beautiful hiking trail!”

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