Huntsville’s mountain biking team competed in its second race recently at Spring Hill Park in Barling.

The bike team is part of the Arkansas National Interscholastic Cycling Association (NICA). MADCO (Madison County Cyclists) is a composite team of students in the sixth-12th grades.

Coach Eric Blocker said the course was different than others in the area.

“All the student athletes were able to complete each of their races in a tough field. The course was in the River Valley, so it was relatively flat and sandy with a lot of twisting single track.

“All of this combined turned into a pedal fest: If you weren’t pedaling, you were slowing down! No time to rest on this course, that’s for sure.”

Eighth-grader Leah Daugherty finished in eighth place with a two-lap time of 42:05.78.

Tyleigh Adams and Lainey Daugherty finished in seventh and eighth place, respectively, in the sixth-grade girls group. Adams recorded a two-lap time of 45:49.04 while Daugherty had a 48:00.98.

Jayden Hoskins finished 19th in the seventh-grade boys race with a two-lap time of 38:12.86. Teammates Levi Henderson and Brayden Krizan were 24th and 25th, respectively. Westin Ball finished in 38th place.

Christian Pickering finished 38th in the junior varsity boys race with a four-lap time of 1:21:31.52, while Jacob Megli was 40th with a time of 1:27:36.71.

In the sophomore boys category, Laytin Bryan was 25th with a three-lap time of 52:43.01.

Kirby Miller finished 24th in the sixth-grade boys race with a time of 43:38.12.

“Sophomore Laytin Bryan and sixth-grade girls Tyleigh Adams and Lainey Daugherty all competed in this, their first NICA race. All of them did extremely well,” Blocker said.

“Overall, the team did great and learned a bunch. Again, I’m a super proud coach.”

The MADCO team has a race scheduled for Oct. 20 at Coler Mountain Bike Preserve in Bentonville. The season will conclude on Nov. 3 with a race at Cedar Glades in Hot Springs.

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