Here’s hoping quality

of paper continues

    Dear editor:

I would like to take this opportunity to wish Rod Harrington, our new Madison County Record editor, all the best as he takes on the task of providing our community with the news that affects us all. Our community will benefit from a continuation of the professionalism provided to readers of the MCR while Preston Tolliver served us. I feel certain that fair and honest reporting will continue and that our community will be enriched by a newspaper we can all be proud of.

- Tom Rimkus


Elkins coach not a role model for students  

    Dear editor:

I’m sad and disappointed by the slap on the hand the Elkins school district superintendent gave to his football coach Bryan Hutson.  I think coach Hutson was just as culpable as Randy Barnhill in receiving text descriptions of Huntsville’s football team’s plays and signals.  

Superintendent Mangrum stated so eloquently in his letter to coach Hutson that the coach exhibited “improper and harmful” lack of integrity by taking part in such a discussion and using this information to further his team’s scoring ability.  By continuing to employ someone who “breached the district’s trust and confidence” shows that coach Hutson is not qualified to serve as a role model to our young people.

-  Judy Goodwin

Huntsville AR

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