Standing up for our veterans generally comes off as more of a sound bite for politicians running for elected office than it is an actual call of action. Campaign trails from your local county elections all the way up to the presidential race are layered with promises to take care of our most vulnerable who put their lives on the front lines, only for us to find those promises empty after they’re elected in.

That’s why it’s refreshing to see Madison County come around for our veterans as much as they have in the last year. Between issues that arose last year between Veterans Service Officer Jim Dickinson and county administration – which is hopefully on its way to finally being resolved after Monday’s quorum court meeting – and the multiple events honoring veterans that have occurred (from the city’s first Veterans Day celebration, at least in my time here, to a ceremony earlier this month recognizing Vietnam vets), Madison County residents have made it clear that they want our veterans to be a priority.

And they should be.

Last Wednesday, Dickinson came through our office to grab a paper. We made small conversation about his workday, certainly nothing he probably expected to see printed in the paper the next week (sorry, Jim). He told me he had seen 17 veterans that day. That may not seem like a lot to a Walmart cashier who speeds hundreds of customers through their lines every day, but for a single employee who has to process paperwork, get on the phone and get a veteran the services they need, 17 people is a full day of work. And it shows a need for more workdays.

The need was brought to the court’s attention last year, and I’m glad to see it finally being addressed, thanks to a group collecting donations to fund the office. As we’ve learned the hard way over the last few years, money doesn’t grow on trees, and it’s encouraging to see our citizens step up to help those who need it, whether it’s through any of our many pie auctions or through finding funds to keep a government office’s doors open a little more.

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