Madison County needs to have its own jail

    Dear editor:

I served as Madison County’s District Judge when Judge Joanna Taylor was elected Circuit Judge. Having practiced law for over forty years, I can say that your county must have a jail or work toward one. Violators have to know punishment will follow a violation. If not, then, they are free to continue without consequence.

Additionally, when deputies leave your county to transport or receive prisoners, Madison citizens are denied protection and answering of calls for assistance and thus paying taxes for little or nothing. Perhaps an account from another source might be started to at least make an effort to meet that demand. I know from my time there that many good citizens can work the problem to a solution. Good luck.

- Orville C. Clift (retired)


Using old Walmart for

CTE a good idea

    Dear editor:

I hope that the school board will make careful consideration of Mr. Jonathan Formanek’s proposal to locate the school’s CTE programs in the old Walmart building.

There are many positives for this location: existing open building with bay doors,  central location and close proximity to the school, plentiful already paved parking, plenty of space for the programs and room to grow, and a significant cost savings.

Not only does this appear to be a great opportunity for the school, it would be a plus to the community in so many ways. I don’t know the constraints that the board is operating under, but I hope that the idea won’t be dismissed without some thought.

 - Janice Smith


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