Local judicial system lacks justice

    Dear editor:

Recently, a member of my extended family was arrested for DWI and a few other charges. He was taken to jail and his car was towed. He will be required to install a breathalizer ignition interlock system in his vehicle.

This is the first time he’s ever been stopped, let alone charged with anything concerning drinking and driving. Some years ago, my son was stopped and charged with DWI for his first time ever also. He too had to install an interlock system in his vehicle.

Now, there’s a local young man who was recently stopped and ticketed for his sixth time. He also had his 9-year-old son in the car with him. His car was not towed and his parents were called to retrieve his car and son. No interlock device has ever been installed on his vehicles, although after his third DWI he did go down south for a short time to try to teach him a lesson. It apparently didn’t work. Three more DWIs later, still no interlock device –what’s the deal?

It appears that the trouble you face for such behavior varies with what your last name is and how long your family has lived in the county.

The world is full of injustices, but I would really like to see them reported on TV or radio, not see them here in my home county!

 - Tim Gabbard

Madison County

In response to Feb. 21 column regarding the border wall emergency  

    Dear editor:

In regard to your Feb. 21 editorial where you listed national emergencies that obviously rate a higher priority than illegal immigration: you might think differently if this mass influx of law-breakers were invading your yard, your neighborhood and your home.

I lived in two different border states, and I know people who still live there and fear for their lives. Every day! And sadly, the situation worsens. If we had built a wall years ago, we wouldn’t have the crisis that we now have. If Obama had not restricted border patrol and ICE during his reign, the problem would be less. Law agencies’ frustration of sanctuary cities and the revolving door policies of illegals is public record. If only the media would give the kind of news coverage to crime committed by illegal aliens as they do to destroying President Trump, public sentiment would insist on that border wall.

It’s easy to sit safely in the Ozarks and dismiss the crime that goes on in the border areas and the rising number of Americans murdered by illegals. To the families of those killed, it is a national emergency. Are you afraid to go to bed at night because of all the brutal thugs and drug dealers crossing your land, invading your home and stealing your vehicles? People who have ranched those lands for generations are afraid to ride horses or 4-wheelers on their own land because illegal aliens run roughshod over borderland people. Decent, hardworking Americans should not have to be afraid every day of their lives.

Before Trump, many liberal democrats supported building a wall, and videos of their public speeches are available to prove it. The media is mostly silent on that, as you well know. America has plenty of crime committed by our own citizens, why in the world would any right-thinking person want to make it easy for sadistic gang and drug cartel members to enter our country?

People who are so worried about the money for the wall should worry about how much social services pays to care for these law-breakers. The same ones who whine about the border wall money didn’t produce a sniffle when then-President Obama gave billions of taxpayer dollars away to Iran and other countries who hate us and call for our destruction. That double standard is so flagrant that it sickens many Americans. Build the wall!

- Elaine Marze


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