Correction to Aug. 29 letter to the editor

    Dear editor:

I made an error in my letter published Aug. 29 regarding the “city” walking park and the dangerous dead limbs in several tall walnut trees. I said the city would be responsible if someone got hurt or killed. Well, I was informed that the county owns the property. Therefore, the county would bear responsibility for its negligence in the event someone gets hurt.

 - Robert Waters


Gun control and

days past

    Dear editor:

I started hunting more than 60 years ago, and have had hunting rifles and shotguns all my life. But things are different now with guns.

Fifty years ago, most civilian guns in this country were small-caliber rifles or shotguns for hunting game.  But with hunting on the decline, the gun industry started pushing deadlier guns to spur new sales guns mainly for shooting people.

In my youth, nearly all gun practice was by we boys “plinking” my Dad and his hunting buddies never went out just to shoot guns. Now, though, a lot of the firing we hear is by “grownups,” mostly men, practicing to shoot people.

And when I was a boy, our targets were tin cans or bottles, with an occasional “bulls-eye” target. Today, the human “torso target” is one of the biggest-selling targets in the nation.

Long ago, Dad taught me well to make one shot count, like he did.  Now, you hear people out here in the mountains squeezing off lots of quick rounds in a row.

Whatever is behind today’s fascination with guns for so many, one thing I know for sure from my Dad and his buddies is that the number of guns, the kinds of guns, or how often you shoot them don’t have anything to do with what it is to be a man.

- Ron Giles


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