Here’s another collection of random items from around the world.

Right here in Madison County, a big congratulations to those who took part in a benefit basketball game recently at the Charles H. Berry Gymnasium.

The state champion boys team from 2007 took on the runner-up team from 2010. The event raised more than $7,000 for Zack Tenberge and his fight against cancer. Tenberge played on the 2007 team.

I saw several photographs from the event that showed Zack’s big smile. He clearly enjoyed being part of the game. Somebody told me Zack even scored the game-winning points.

The money was raised from donations at the door and from the sale of food cooked by Cornerstone Bank.

I overheard someone at a school board meeting say they thought the effort would raise maybe $2,000, but instead, it raised more than $7,000.

Eagles head coach Grant Myrick called it “a great day in Huntsville.”

Indeed, it was.

• • •

Senior night was held at last Friday’s home finale against Harrison. Football players, managers, cheerleaders, band members and other fall athletes were honored.

As I’ve said, it hasn’t been a great football season for the Eagles, but the senior players and other participants should be proud of their accomplishments.

It takes a special young person to participate when things aren’t going great, often practicing in the heat of summer into the cold of winter.

• • •

And speaking of accomplishments, the Huntsville boys won their fourth straight District cross-country title last week in Prairie Grove.

Junior Jacob Braswell won the Huntsville Invitational and the District races. Now the team prepares for the State Cross Country Meet this Saturday in Hot Springs.

The Huntsville boys won last year’s state meet and could very well repeat this year.

• • •

I’ve been a St. Louis Cardinals fan every baseball season since birth in southeast Missouri, but I’ve often rooted for other teams in the World Series.

When the Red Sox hadn’t won a title in a century, I was happy when they won, even if it came against my beloved Redbirds. When the Cubs finally won after 200 or so years, I was happy for them. At least for a week or two.

When the Astros won it all two years ago, I was happy for that team, as well, despite it being a bitter rival of the Cardinals. I enjoyed watching some of Houston’s young studs that I had seen in Class AA ball when they played against the Naturals.

Even though they eliminated my Cardinals this year, I was thrilled to see the Washington Nationals top Houston  for the World Series win. It was the first time ever that the champions won all four games on the road.

I was especially happy for former Cardinal Matt Adams and St. Louis-born Max Scherzer.

Come spring, however, I’ll be all about those Cardinals again.

• • •

As fully expected, Democrats in the U.S. House last Thursday passed a resolution outlining the next phase of the impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump.

The final vote was 232-196, pretty much along party lines, to nobody’s surprise.

The measure means lawmakers’ votes from now on will be counted on impeachment matters.

As you might expect, the White House wasn’t impressed. It said the vote does “nothing more than enshrine unacceptable violations of due process into House rules.”

It’s going to be must-see television, for sure.

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