Progressives have ‘a long way to go’ to catch up to Founding Fathers

Dear editor:

For over 100 years, so-called progressives have been at work in our country undermining our Constitution. They hate the Founding Fathers and the Constitution they created.

The founders chose a constitutional republic with checks and balances over a pure democracy. One of their checks and balances was their choice that only people with property could vote. This was to ensure that the “have nots” could not vote taxation on the “haves.” The progressives changed that.

Another check and balance was how senators were to be chosen from each state legislature to represent the concerns of the state. They changed this format to the detriment of our country.

The founders created the Electoral College, which guarantees that a few heavily-populated states cannot dominate the politics of the entire nation. The genius of the founders was to prevent the minority from being crushed by the tyranny of the majority.

Now, the progressive radicals and other misguided folks are out to destroy the Electoral College by bypassing the constitutional process. The National Popular Interstate Compact seeks to destroy the Electoral College and secure victory for the heavily populated, liberal states of New York, Illinois and California. Instead of the electors giving their votes to the candidate who carries their state, they will be forced to vote for the person who wins the popular vote.

When Mr. Trump won the 2016 Election, the electors in the states he carried were threatened, bullied and bribed to defy our Constitution and give the sore losers their way.

I encourage concerned citizens to call Gov. Asa Hutchinson at 501-682-2345 and ask him to protect the Electoral College and the Constitution.

Progressives consider themselves enlightened, entitled and the smartest folks in the room. Truth is, they have a long way to go to catch up with the genius of the Founding Fathers.

 - Linda Vandiver


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