Have you had calls about issues with your Social Security number, a web page stating you have a virus on your computer and you need to contact a support number given, or local or trusted businesses calling to ask for personal information, and calls contacting you to blackmail you with personal data?

There can even be some potential scams that can be received via email from what looks to be a legit organization requesting to verify personal information. All of these could be potential scams and should not be acted upon until you look into the validity of the notifications.

It is important to question any of these types of incidents or similar incidents that you may run into. Some tips to respond and identify scams are:

• Callers requesting to be contacted at the number given over the organizations general number.

• The callers having basic common-to-get information such as your name, number and possibly your address but requesting more personal information.

• Scammers are using spoofing methods to mimic a legitimate phone number for a real organization to call people for personal information.

• Never verify or give out any personal information or banking information, for it can lead to identity theft.

• Always question anyone who is requesting personal information and request to call them back on a main number for the organization to verify employment and legitimacy of calls.

• Never click on an ad or link in emails or photos. This can lead to a phishing site that looks to be a legitimate site but it really is a scam site to attain your personal information.

• Type in web URLs such as www.arvest. com, www.amazon.com and www.paypal.com to ensure you are going to the actual organization’s website and not a fake site that looks like the real one.

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