ATVs should not be on public roads  

    Dear editor:

In the response to Mr. Miller: we are with him on the stopping of the ATVs on our county roads 100 percent. We live on Madison 1505, and ATVs come through here all the time, all hours of the day and night.

The dust is bad and the noise unbearable. No respect for anyone. What is going to happen when one hits a car (the car isn’t going slow either) – who pays for the damage? We have one ourselves, but we use it on the farm. Why are they not stopped? Cars have to have insurance – why not ATVs?

The law needs to stop them before someone gets hurt or killed. Little children are riding them and that is scary. I’m not good with words, but that’s all I have to say about that.

- Delphia Cantrell


Editor’s column last week ‘lacked focus on facts’

    Dear editor:

Your editorial last week was interesting but lacked focus on facts. First, you said the exoneration of Trump was a condemnation on “us.” No sir, it was Democrats in high places who, with the help of the FBI and the liberal media, framed Donald Trump. There never was a single speck of evidence that Trump colluded with the Russians on anything. It was all fabricated. The hope was that the special counsel would be able to find something they could use to force Trump from office, but they underestimated his strength and resolve. They are now scared to death because Trump is still president and they no longer have control of the Justice Department, which enabled them to obstruct justice in the case of the Benghazi scandal, Hillary Clinton’s emails, the uranium sale to Russia and other illegal activities.

You offered good advice when you said, “Democrats should give weight to the Mueller report and move forward.” But now that the Mueller report has exonerated Trump and people around the world are informed of the details of how it all came about, thinking the Democrats can just forget about what they did and “move on” might not be realistic. You see, they caused the waste of over $25 million (virtually all of which went to liberal lawyers who were determined to destroy Trump) and the whole thing was an illegal hoax. While asserting that Trump was guilty of treason, they (to include media sources) were themselves guilty of an attempted coup. The smart ones have shut up and are hoping to “move on,” but justice demands they be held accountable. If we just “move on,” the same type of crimes will be repeated.

We agree that there are information sources that are not trustworthy. But NPR, for which you put in a plug, is controlled by liberals and has always been slanted. Your criticism of Facebook is interesting because my observation has been that over 90 percent of the articles on their news page (relating to politics) were written by liberals. Thus, you must be referring to the “news feeds” of individuals. Conservatives generally post articles to Facebook from reliable sources and when someone notes that the article is not factual they delete it immediately. Liberals generally get their information from sources like NPR,, The Washington Post and ABC, NBC, CNN, etc. Conservatives also get informed by listening to Fox News, that often allows both sides to be heard, as well as talk radio. Tucker Carlson and Judge Pirro are so powerful and persuasive in their presentations they have become a target for destruction, as was Donald Trump.

 -Robert Waters


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