The Huntsville Planning Commission briefly met on Monday and finalized a lot line adjustment for property on Governor’s Hill for an out-of-state couple.

The couple has cleared at least two acres of land between Cherry and Dogwood streets for a modular home to be placed.

After trees were brought down at the site in June, heavy rain caused mud and debris to flow across a street and onto another person’s property.

Planning Director Jennifer Thomas said the King family has worked with the developer to create a plan to stop future erosion at the site. Thomas said final dirt work at the site should begin in about five weeks.

In other business Monday, Thomas said Huntsville School Superintendent Dennis Fisher had presented plans for a Career and Technical Education building to be built along North College Street.

Thomas said the civil engineer did not allow for enough parking spaces at the facility. Under the city’s ordinances, there must be 3.5 parking spots per 1,000 square feet of construction. The preliminary plans had just 29 parking spots. Thomas said, “they need almost double that.”

In other business:

• The commission changed the December meeting date to Dec. 16 from Dec. 23.

• Commissioner Charles Coger, who serves as chairman of the airport commission, said that commission should get a $17,000 grant this year for a new credit card system for fuel at the airport.

Coger said that after speaking with a state official on Monday, the airport commission should get a $400,000 grant next year for a new hangar. That would increase the hangar space from  18 to 24 at the Huntsville Municipal Airport.

Coger said the state would pay $315,000 of the hangar grant, with the local commission responsible for the remaining amount. Coger said there is a waiting list for hangar rentals at the airport.

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