HINDSVILLE – The Hindsville City Council on Monday approved two new councilors after husband and wife Harold and Clara Dunham submitted their resignations in January.

The council approved Matthew and Mikkayla Dunham as new councilors. Matthew Dunham is the great-nephew of Harold Dunham. He is employed as a deputy with the Benton County Sheriff’s Office.

Mayor Stephanie Casey recommended the new councilors. She said they live within the Hindsville city limits and are registered voters.

“I have two qualified people within the city limits of Hindsville, citizens who are willing to serve,” Casey said.

Councilors Jerry McCollough and Lavon and Barbara Samuels approved the new members.

“They’re really excited about it, and I think they’re both very sweet, intelligent people. I’ve known Matthew his whole life,” Casey said.

Secretary/treasurer Whitney Wilson said the Dunhams will serve the remainder of the terms of Harold and Clara Dunham, at which time they can seek election to the seats, if they choose.

Harold and Clara Dunham submitted their resignations on Jan. 13.

They wrote, “Please accept this letter as formal notification that I am resigning from my position as councilman [woman] for the town of Hindsville, Ark.”

Casey said Harold Dunham joined the council in 2016, with Clara joining a year later.

Casey in December confirmed that the Dunhams had told her they planned to resign from the council. The did not give a reason for stepping down, Casey said.

In other business Monday, the council tabled a proposed ordinance to deal with trash and other issues in the city.

On Dec. 9, McCollough spoke against the ordinance. Lavon Samuels said he agreed with McCollough.

The ordinance can be brought up again at a later date if the council chooses, Casey said.

Also Monday, the council approved the treasurer’s report from November and December.

The General Fund had a balance of $91,565.78 as of Dec. 31, 2019.

The Street Fund had a balance of $117,973.93 as of Dec. 31.

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