Hindsville woman to be in spotlight at the Amazeum

Melissa AJ Dysart

A Hindsville woman will share her many talents in an upcoming exhibit at the Scott Family Amazeum in Bentonville.

Melissa AJ Dysart’s “Pencil to Pixels” will be a Community Spotlight at the Amazeum from 2-4 p.m. on Saturday, Feb. 8. The program will be free with general admission into the museum. Members and children under 2 will be admitted free. Otherwise, adults and children ages 2 and older will be $9.50.

The Amazeum is located at 1009 Museum Way in Bentonville.

Dysart is architectural project coordinator with Level 5 Design Group in Springdale. Dysart spent 21 years as a Building Information Modeling (BIM) technician and designer with Tatum-Smith Engineers Inc., in Rogers.

She is the daughter of Robert and Phyllis Joyner.

“Through a cascading set of occurrences, the path of my art exhibit, ‘Pencil to Pixels,’ has led me to be selected for a Scott Family Amazeum Community Spotlight (which is such an honor – as well as so, very humbling, of course!),” Dysart said.

“Drawing from my real-world experiences in the fields of Architecture, Art and Engineering, this interactive event integrates a little bit of each.”

Dysart has worked on the Walmart Amp and Crystal Bridges Museum. She even worked in Alaska.

A flier for the event asks, “Virtual to reality, can you see it?”

“Grab a hard hat & put pencil to paper as you visualize a 3D printed model into the reality of a beautiful drawing you create. Or with the ability to utilize your superpowers of visualization, you can build a KEVA structure from a simple sketched drawing.”

The flier says the program will appeal to those with imiginations.

“It sounds like the colorful world of watercolors & collages will suit you perfect, or simply experience the virtual world of digitized art.”

Further, the flier says, “This multi-faceted, immersive experience will lead from Art to Architecture with a dose Engineering smack dab in the middle. No matter, if you are a ‘linear and numbers’ person or are more ‘unicorns & rainbows,’’ we have something for everyone (ages 2 to 102) to experience; hands-on & interactive.”

Dysart was educated at Northwest Technical Institute in Springdale. She has certificates in architectural drafting technology and advanced computer aided drafting.

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