Hindsville woman wins $50,000

Debbie Quebodeaux

Debbie Quebodeaux of Hindsville was a big winner during this past Sunday’s Super Bowl.

Quebodeaux won $50,000 during Rocket Mortgage’s Super Bowl Squares. Rocket Mortgage is a division of Quicken Loans.

According to her Facebook page, Quebodeaux graduated from Huntsville High School in 1976.

She posted on Facebook Monday that “This is not a scam,” and showed a brief video of NFL Hall of Fame running back Barry Sanders applauding her win.

During Sunday’s Super Bowl, Rocket Mortgage gave out $50,000 each time the game score changed. Quebodeaux won her $50,000 when a field goal was kicked. She said on Facebook that it would take about 90 days for her prize to arrive.

Quebodeaux said her home is mortgaged through Rocket Mortgage, but that anybody could have participated in the Super Bowl Squares. She said she saw notice of the contest on Rocket Mortgage’s Facebook page.

Quebodeaux said in an email that a friend told her about winning.

“Well, actually the night of the Super Bowl I received a (sic) out of state call but I didn’t answer it and I blocked the number on my phone. I thought it was another one of those automobile warranty calls,” she said.

“So yesterday morning (Monday) a friend of mine that is (Sierra Bolinger) ... a kindergarten teacher, texted me around 11:00 AM but did not check my phone till 1:00 PM and she asked me if I won $50,000 cause another teacher told her a woman in Hindsville AR named Debbie Q. had won $50,000. So I told my friend that I had one square on Rocket Mortgage Super Bowl squares and I done it on their FB SITE. So after several phone calls and realized that I had blocked that number I called that number back and it was Rocket Mortgage and followed all their instructions and I signed the paperwork and I’m to receive the check within 90 days.”

Quebodeaux said she can spend the winnings anyway she chooses.

“I will get a check within 90 days and can spend it anyway I want. I have a few plans on my bucket list, one is to go to Hawaii with a cousin of mine this year. But I can [tell] you, it’s going to be all about ME. HAHAHHA,” she wrote.

A spokesman at Quicken Loans said by email that “Having a mortgage with Quicken Loans was not a condition of entry.” He confirmed that Quebodeaux can use her winnings “toward anything.”

The mortgage lender paid out a total of $1.75 million in the largest game of Super Bowl Squares in history.

“The game, which was free to play, kicked off Rocket Mortgage’s new multi-year deal with the National Football League, making it the Official Mortgage Sponsor of the NFL,” the release said.

A total of 15 people won $50,000 each during Super Bowl LIV. Two additional people won the grand prize of $500,000 each.  

“While the action on the field was second-to-none, we heard from clients and fans all across the country how closely they were keeping up with their squares at home,” said Jay Farner, CEO of Quicken Loans.

“Rocket Mortgage has become known for adding to the excitement of big sporting events, and with the Super Bowl Squares concept of ‘winning money without risking money,’ it is exciting to think that we helped play a role in the buzz surrounding such a world-class event by giving people the chance to win $500,000 that they can use to purchase the home of their dreams.”

Rocket Mortgage Super Bowl Squares winners were in 12 states. The grand prize winners were from Connecticut and Illinois.

“The game was a slight variation from how football squares is traditionally played,” the news release said.

“Usually a winner is determined at the end of each quarter based on whose ‘square’ aligns with the score when the quarter ends. Rocket Mortgage added a fun twist, selecting a $50,000 winner every single time the score changed during the game.

“That meant someone won $50,000 for every touchdown, extra point and field goal during Super Bowl LIV. The two grand prize winners who scored $500,000 were selected at halftime and at the end of the game, respectively.”

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