The following violations were found at local businesses by the Arkansas Department of Health during the month of February:

Lolo’s Mexican Grill

• Observation: Cold hold food items being held over 24 hours lacked proper labeling. Corrective action: PHF/TCS food prepared on-site or opened commercial container held for more than 24 hours shall have correct date marking.

• Observation: Observed food containers in walk-in cooler without protective covering. Corrective action: Protective covering was added to food items.

Garibaldi Mexican Restaurant

• Observation: sliced vegetables and meats in cold-hold unit were being held for more than 24 hours without date marking. Corrective action: temperature-controlled foods held for more than 24 hours shall be date marked and served or discarded after seven days. Foods lacking date marking were discarded.

• Observation: Observed refrigerated and cold-hold items that lacked protective covering. Corrective action: Covering was added to containers

Kings River Country Store

• No violations reported.


• Food items (cut lettuce, etc.) on make line relying on time as a control lacking record of time taken out of temperature. Must record time and use/discard within four hours if relying on time as a control.

• Observation: Hand-washing sink in prep area was out of paper towels to dry hands. Corrective action: Employee refilled paper towels.

• Observation: Raw bacon being stored above ready-to-eat cheese inside RIF in kitchen. Corrective action: Items were rearranged so all raw food was below ready-to-eat foods to prevent contamination.

Pizza Hut

• Observation: Employee had beverage in unapproved container. Corrective action: Employees shall have beverages in a container with a lid and straw.

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