Subject of manhunt surrenders to police

The subject of a manhunt in Madison County last week turned himself in to authorities in Fayetteville after spending a night in the woods.

The Fayetteville Police Department said Levi Land, 38, fled Tuesday after a domestic dispute on South Gabbard Drive in Fayetteville. A woman at the home was treated for a stabbing.

Land turned himself in to authorities in Fayetteville around between 3:30 and 4 p.m. last Wednesday, according to FPD spokesman Sgt. Anthony Murphy.

Land faces charges of rape and first-degree battery.

Murphy said the stabbing resulted from a domestic dispute.

Land was located Tuesday in Madison County, but fled before abandoning his vehicle along Madison 3525 or Penitentiary Mountain Road. He fled on foot in the surrounding area, where he spent Tuesday night.

“I bet he was miserable,” Murphy said last Thursday. Temperatures Tuesday night were in the 30s.

Murphy said Land told authorities he spent the night in the woods and not in a home or cabin in the area.

The Madison County Sheriff’s Office was joined by various other agencies in the initial pursuit of Land, then the search for the suspect into Tuesday night, according to Madison County Sheriff Rick Evans.

“We had a lot of people show up at it,” Evans said of the search for Land. “We had [Arkansas State Police] troopers show up, Benton County, [Arkansas] Game and Fish, Fayetteville P.D., Washington County. We had a lot of folks show up.”

Murphy said, “All we had out there for a little bit was a couple of canine officers and then they got called off. We kind of left it to Madison County after that.”

Evans said Washington County also sent dogs to the area.

Murphy added, “We kind of went out there after the fact. We weren’t involved in the pursuit.”

Evans said Land evaded capture and covered quite a bit of land in Madison County.

“He ran. We had an officer down behind him ... and he ran and he turned up there at Witter and went back up there on the backside of Penitentiary Mountain, back up north of Red Star,” he said.

Evans said officers checked cabins and other dwellings in the area last Tuesday and Wednesday.

“As far as we know he was just in the woods,” Evans said. The sheriff said authorities had received no reports of break-ins in the search area.

Land had his first court appearance last Friday in Fayetteville.

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