Pair of Hindsville councilors to resign

Hindsville Mayor Stephanie Casey listens to councilor Jerry McCollough during a council meeting held in early December.

Two members of the Hindsville City Council have said they plan to resign from the group, Mayor Stephanie Casey confirmed last week.

At the last council meeting on Dec. 9, councilor Jerry McCollough spoke against a proposed ordinance dealing with two residences in the city. Councilor Lavon Samuels said he agreed with McCollough.

Casey said last week that the man and woman who said they wish to resign do not include McCollough or Samuels.

Casey said she wanted to learn as much as possible about the situation.

“Being new and this being new two me, I felt it was professionally, I needed to have some counseling on that process and I have already done that. I kind of know what the procedure is in order to get them to formerly resign,” she said.

Hindsville councilors are husband and wife Harold and Clara Dunham, McCollough, and husband and wife Lavon and Barbara Samuels.

“They have verbally told me, but that’s it,” Casey said of the councilors who wish to resign. “They’ll need to do it in writing and we’ll take care of that at our next meting. We won’t have another meeting until probably early next year some time.”

Casey said she did not want to name the councilors who plan to step down.

“Not really, because we haven’t had anything formerly said yet and I just think it’s good business to go through the process first,” she said. “We have not had anything formerly done. We haven’t taken anything to the council yet, so that’s why I’m saying that. I think that I owe them the respect in waiting.”

The proposed ordinance – based on similar ones from the Arkansas Municipal League and the City of Huntsville – was drafted specifically to target two residences in the city. One is located just east of the post office and the other north of A.T. Smith’s Mercantile on Main Street.

Casey, who took over as mayor in January 2019, said the two councilors did not specify why they want to resign or if it had anything to do with the proposed ordinance.

“I do not know. They did not specify. If they share that with me, they can. If they don’t, then I will completely respect that,” Casey said.

Casey has consulted with the Municipal League and Huntsville City Clerk Janice Smith, who is a certified mentor.

“We’re really early in the process right now and I’m trying to gather some information,” Casey said. “We’ve not really done this before, well, I haven’t done it in my short tenure, so we’re just trying to see what we need to do as far as them formerly resigning and we haven’t had a meeting or anything about it.”

Hindsville does not have an ordinance to deal with trash, littering or other issues. Casey was told that Madison County can not deal with those at the dwellings because they are within the town limits of Hindsville. The proposed ordinance will have a second reading at the council’s next meeting, which is not scheduled at this time.

Casey said, “I want this to be within the guidelines, within the law and everything. ...”

She added, “I wanted to get through the holidays and everything for everybody ... we definitely want to dot our I’s and cross our T’s with this.”

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