The Kingston Library will be one of 25 libraries across the state to be featured a duo’s book and traveling exhibit about rural areas.

According to a press release, photographers Don House and Sabine Schmidt will include the library in a project titled “Remote Access.” The project “highlights small libraries and the people who rely on them across the state of Arkansas,” the release states.

“Inspired by a love of libraries and the crucial role libraries play in their communities, the photographers have selected 25 of the smallest of the 235 public libraries in Arkansas for the project,” the release states. “In conjunction with Dr. Robert Cochran, director of the Center for Arkansas and Regional Studies at the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville, Schmidt and House will publish the resulting collection of photographs as a book through the University of Arkansas Press and create a traveling exhibition.”

The photographers will be at the Kingston Library from 2-5:30 p.m. this Thursday, Aug. 15, and will take photos of patrons in the feed store next door to the library. The Friends of the Kingston Library purchased the store recently for future renovation.

Kingston Librarian Linda Davidson said she’s excited for the library’s opportunity to be featured.

“We’re honored to be chosen to be in the book, and we’re looking forward to some pictures with a lot of people Thursday,” Davidson said. “I have a lot of my patrons coming.”

The release states that House’s “interest is in the people who come to the library and who use the space and the services.”

“I’m interested in the people, their personality, what they’re wearing, what they’re carrying [and] why they are there,” House says in the release. “There is no posing, no preconceived notion. When I’m done, if I’ve been successful, I have opened a window on the community and the people who make it what it is.”

Davidson said a local clown, Speckles, will also be on-hand Thursday.

Davidson said the project will give smaller libraries a chance to shine in a way they’re not often afforded.

“We kind of get pushed under the carpet by the big [libraries],” she said. “We have a lot to offer that may be overlooked in a big library. So [visitors] can see things here that they might not see in a big library.”

All patrons photographed Thursday will receive a complimentary print of their photograph, according to the release.

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