Deputy city clerk creates new website for Huntsville

Deputy City Clerk Katie Boyd has redesigned the city's website.

Business leaders searching for a new location study demographics, such as population, housing and transportation. Quite often, the first place they go is a locale’s website. Representatives of the Arkansas Economic Development Commission invariably tell audiences of elected officials and community leaders that an entity’s online presence is of critical importance.

That’s where Katie Boyd, city of Huntsville’s deputy city clerk, comes in. Boyd has created a new website for the city that gives citizens and visitors a wealth of useful information, assessable from anywhere, anytime.

“The city website is a very important way to showcase the town,” Boyd said. “It can show people why it’d be good to live here.”

The city clerk’s office has always served as an information hub for people asking questions about Huntsville. How do I get a business license? When can I use the ball field? Can I pay my fine online?

Now, answers to those and many more questions are at your fingertips.

Chances are very good that the homepage will answer your questions straight away. When’s the Lighting of the Square? Look at the homepage. (It’s Nov. 22.) What local meetings are coming up? What local community events? What’s the district court’s number? All on the homepage.

The zoning, building and planning page is used a lot, Boyd said, as is the events calendar. A reservation calendar is also available, which is a big help to those planning a gathering at the pavilion, a musical or other event at the amphitheater, or a game or tournament at the ball fields.

The parks page describes the offerings just mentioned along with Windy Ridge disc golf, the mountain bike skills course, and a walking and jogging trail.

“On the parks page, it’s really neat to see all the facilities people might not know about,” Boyd said.

Nearly 200 businesses are licensed in the city of Huntsville, and information on all of them is just a click away at the local business page.

Madison County churches are listed under community, and if you’d like to add one, contact Boyd. You’ll find links to places both in and outside the city. This site is a rich resource for everyone living in or interested in Huntsville and Madison County.

Go to Boyd said she is open to suggestions, so if you have an idea contact her at or 479-738-6607.

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