School official relieved of duties

Assistant Superintendent Cheryl Gall and Superintendent Dennis Fisher perform the SOAR chant.

Assistant Superintendent of the Huntsville School District Cheryl Gall was relieved of her duties by a 5-0 vote of the Huntsville School District Board at a special-called board meeting Sept. 25.  The board voted to buy out Gall’s contract.

According to Huntsville School Board President Danny Thomas, Gall had an annual salary of approximately $93,000 and “was sent home with pay.” He said the decision was made based on “performance and a personality conflict in some areas.”

Board member Kyle Taylor read the following statement as he made the motion to buy out Gall’s contract: “I move that the Huntsville School Board hereby directs the superintendent to relieve Assistant Superintendent Cheryl Gall from her duties under her present contract which ends June 30, 2020, which action is not a termination of her contract; that she will retain her status as an employee of the Huntsville School District until her contract expires; that the Huntsville School District will not require her services any further; that the District continues to pay Ms. Gall the amount due under her contract in periodic payments; that should she be employed by another school district during the term of her current contract with the Huntsville School District, she will be deemed to have resigned and then the compensation due her under the contract shall cease as of her date of hire by the other district; and that her contract with the Huntsville School district not be renewed at the end of its term.”    

Board member Kevin Wilson seconded the motion.  

Thomas said it was the “best thing for the district to put us in the right direction.” Thomas said that at the end of September, Gall had been paid approximately $23,000 of the approximately $93,000 contracted salary.

Thomas said the board would be replacing Gall by having someone already employed by the district step into that role to fulfill the assistant superintendent duties. “For sure, our number one goal is to hire from within the district” and to hire someone local. “This is their home; they know the system and the kids,” Thomas said.

Gall was hired by the district at its July 8 board meeting. The recommendation to hire Gall was made by Huntsville School District Superintendent Dennis Fisher.

The Huntsville School District has experienced a change in leadership positions since this spring. Fisher began work with the district on July 1. Tammi Davis, who served as interim superintendent from last summer until June 30, was scheduled to be moved back to the assistant superintendent she had held prior to former Superintendent Clint Jones’ resignation last year. However, Davis accepted a role this summer with the Arkansas Department of Education, leaving the vacancy for which Fisher recommended Gall.

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