A Fayetteville man who holds a license for a third liquor store in Madison County has not applied for a third “inactive” status or an additional extension with the state’s Alcoholic Beverage Control Board.

Administrator Robin Davis with ABC said last week that the license belonging to James Bob Hasenbeck “is still inactive.”

The status was inactive for a year as of July 1, Davis said, and Hasenbeck has not filed for another extension. Those who hold a license generally have six months to file for another extension.

“There hasn’t been a pickup order for it or anything, so if he wants to do a third inactive status, he needs to get that in there as quick as possible,” Davis said. “He’s had a year, and now if he wants to call and get a third, he can. If he doesn’t, [the license] will be canceled.”

Hasenbeck, when reached by telephone last week, said, “it’s out of my hands somehow,” then hung up. He did not return a voice mail seeking more comments.

“It means he won’t be able to start to sell or buy alcohol until he applies for another [license],” Davis said. “He can replace it with someone else. He’s received two extensions already.”

If he fails to file any more paperwork, the license will be canceled, Davis said. If the license is canceled, a new person could not apply for a new license. They could get the license from Hasenbeck, but a new license would not be issued.

“If someone renews it, then someone could take it over now. If it goes too far and ends up getting canceled for some reason, then it just goes away,” Davis said. “It just gets canceled, then that becomes a dead file. The permit has to be applied for by someone else.

“It just goes away. There’s no liquor store there anymore. No one can buy it because there can only be a certain amount of liquor stores per county, per whatever the Census says, based how many people live there.”

State law limits counties to one liquor store per 4,000 residents. The Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration in July 2013 held a three-day meeting and granted the three retail liquor permits in Madison County.

The county has two liquor stores – Luck of the Draw in Huntsville and Beaver Lake Liquor near Hindsville. Hasenbeck obtained the third license from the original owner, Mark Mancil, and said he wanted to build the store along Highway 412 near Walmart. Mancil planned to open a store at highways 412 and 21, east of Huntsville.

Because Hasenbeck missed a deadline to build the third store, a hearing was set for Jan. 23, 2018, according to Mary Robin Casteel, former director of the ABC in Little Rock. A decision on the store was postponed until May 2018 because of ongoing litigation involving Hasenbeck in a civil suit, she said. At the May meeting, the case was postponed indefinitely.

The suit allegedly involved Hasenbeck’s son. In 2018, neither the state nor Hasenbeck would say what the lawsuit was about.

Last summer, Hasenbeck said he might not build the liquor store at all.

“I’m probably not,” he said. “But anything’s possible.”

Hasenbeck earlier in 2018 said he still was planning to build a liquor store in Madison County. His original site chosen was west of Walmart along Highway 412. He said no land had been decided on or purchased.

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