Goshen treasurer resigns; council to determine job role

The Goshen City Council voted to accept the resignation of Recorder/Treasurer Sharon Baggett in a special-called meeting Tuesday evening.

“I hereby officially announce that I am retiring from my position as recorder/treasurer for the City of Goshen,” Baggett wrote in her letter of resignation, which was dated Monday. She wrote that she was tendering her resignation effective that day at 11:59 p.m.

“There are many good people in Goshen, and it has been my pleasure to serve them on two separate occasions for a total of approximately 12.5 years,” she wrote.

Goshen Mayor Cathy Oliver said on Tuesday that she had known that Baggett had plans to retire, though she didn’t know when it would happen.

Baggett earned a salary of $38,000 as recorder/treasurer, an elected position, and an additional $12,000 per year as the city’s planning services director.

Councilors discussed on Tuesday changing the pay and the job duties for the position moving forward. The council is required by state law to fill the vacancy at its next regularly-scheduled meeting on Aug. 13.

Oliver said that the office is currently being facilitated by office manager Lora Nanak and other part-time staff. Nanak does not live in city limits, Oliver said after Tuesday’s meeting, and because of that her eligibility for the recorder/treasurer position could be in doubt.

Oliver said during the meeting that recent legislative changes are likely to transition the recorder/treasurer position for Goshen and other Class II cities from an elected position to an appointed one. That change would go into effect on July 24, Oliver said, though she was still seeking clarification on it.

The council voted to schedule another special meeting for 6:30 p.m. next Monday, July 22, to discuss funding for the position and determine duties before it’s required to fill the vacancy in August.

“I can look at our budget and so forth, but I don’t have a good feeling for the magnitude of savings we can make,” councilor Bill Hewatt said. “I think we need to do some more due diligence before our next meeting.”

Councilor Paula Anderson added that the council should consider “farming” out duties currently assigned to the position.

“I think things are getting complicated enough treasurer-wise and accounting-wise,” she said. “I think we need to consider farming those duties out, which is something that’s been put out with all sorts of different discussions throughout here.”

Councilor Bill Hewatt argued in favor of putting funds from the position into the Goshen Police Department and hiring a fifth officer.

“In my opinion, we need to have a police force that can protect us,” he said. “To me, that’s the primary thing that I think we need to do.”

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