Chase leads to arrest

A Huntsville man was arrested on numerous charges Tuesday after he drove away from a traffic stop at Butterball and led police on a chase through Madison County.

Chaise Riley Davis, 23, originally was stopped by Huntsville Police Department officer Brett Yates at 1:08 a.m.

A preliminary report to the 4th Judicial District prosecuting attorney said Davis fled in the vehicle toward Highway 23, where he turned north. The report said Davis lost control as he turned onto Highway 23, “almost striking a semi head on.”

Speeds on Highway 23 North reached over 100 miles per hour, the report said. At Highway 23 and Madison 1490, Davis locked up the brakes and attempted to turn on the county road toward Highway 23 Spur.

“The driver lost control and spun sideways in the middle of the road and was able to get enough control to turn onto Madison 1490 towards Highway 127. I attempted to turn but due to the roads being wet my vehicle slid off of the road and through two fences,” Yates wrote.

Yates said he caught back up to the Davis vehicle on Highway 127 and prepared to perform a pit maneuver.

“When I moved to the left rear side of the suspect vehicle it swerved toward me. I slowed down and avoided being hit. The vehicle then locked his brakes up and began to spin out of control crashing in the ditch on the left side of the road. I hit the driver’s side of the vehicle attempting to pin the driver’s door so he couldn’t flee on foot,” Yates wrote.

Davis and a female passenger exited the vehicle and were held at gunpoint until backup arrived.

The female, who later was released without charges, told a Madison County Sheriff’s Office deputy that she was sorry and scared. She said “she was begging Chaise to stop, and she was afraid he was going to wreck her car.”

A marijuana pipe and a rubber container with THC wax were found in the vehicle.

Both Davis and the female were taken to the Madison County Jail. The female was released.

Davis was charged on a warrant from another department, kidnapping - false imprisonment, aggravated assault on a correctional facility employee, driving on a suspended driver’s license, displaying a red light on front of vehicle, no proof of insurance, possession of drug paraphernalia, fleeing, failure to maintain control, no taillights at night, reckless driving, driving left of center, driving with no seatbelt, and possession of a Schedule VI controlled substance less than 4 ounces.

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